tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 brings the ethos behind the series – that a non-Apple tablet can serve as a laptop-replacing professional machine – closer than ever to reality. Thanks to a few key refinements it seriously contends with the latest IPAD PRO 11at a slightly lower cost. Some of these refinements are obvious, like slimming […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

The Galaxy Tab S5e cost? There is no official price yet, but according to Samsung, this tablet is for “someone who wants the best features of Galaxy at a single price”. We think this implies a lower price than the Galaxy Tab S4, which starts at £ 599 or $ 650. This is a lot […]

iPad Mini in Progress.Check the Review Here:

The New iPad is not too much as beautiful .But it has lot of other Performances at beast. Following are the Specifications of iPad Mini that can differentiate it from others. What’s High: Wonderful screen Efficient performance Portable and compact design Full Apple Pencil support Healthy battery life What’s Low : Same as old design […]